About Us

What is a Joint Family?

A joint or extended family is a family structure that consists of multiple generations living together or in close proximity. This family model is prevalent in many cultures worldwide and has a long history of providing support, security, and continuity across generations. Intergenerational bonds have been shown to benefit individuals of all ages by providing opportunities for learning, mentoring, and mutual support. Such connections not only promote mutual respect, understanding, and empathy, but also help build stronger, more resilient communities. 

Our Mission

At Joint Family, we draw inspiration from cultures that have reaped the benefits of intergenerational connections. Our mission is to build an ecosystem where individuals from diverse backgrounds and ages can collaboratively learn, innovate, and contribute towards socially impactful outcomes. By bridging the generational gap, we hope to create long lasting bonds that can help build a more inclusive, resilient and integrated society. 

Our Values

Collaboration, meaningful connections and togetherness are at the core of Joint Family. We believe that everyone has valuable ideas to share, regardless of their age or background. We embrace diversity and inclusion, valuing each person's unique perspective. Compassion, empathy, and understanding guide our interactions and we strive to build a culture of innovation and continuous learning. We believe that transparent communication, receptivity to feedback, and building relationships based on trust and integrity are essential for our growth. Together, we aim to build a cohesive and caring community where everyone regardless of age or background can thrive.

Meet The Team

Sulagna Ghosh "Dia"


Interdisciplinary Scientist, Freelance Consultant

Alex Lascelles

Empathy Ambassador

Neuroscience Research Assistant, MIT

Indira Pranabudi

Tech Ninja

Software Engineer, Nira Energy

Shruti Muralidhar

Idea Catalyst

Neuroscientist and Science Communicator

Himanshu Joshi

Advisor Extraordinaire

Innovation and Business Mentor, MIT eForum

Our Allies